We continue to live facing the headwinds of a global and volatile economy not least due to the war in Ukraine and other worldwide disasters both natural and man-made. Those already suffering poverty are always on the front line when the cost of living rises, and we must act with a fair, sustained and co-ordinated response. 

A team of islanders, who initially met while taking part in Jersey Overseas Aid volunteer projects with Sand Dams Worldwide in 2022 and 2023, has come together to raise much needed funds. The groups shared similar experiences in southeast Kenya, building rainwater harvesting sand dams, working alongside two communities in Makueni County. The Kandu Kaseveni community have now set themselves a target to build a solar powered pump system for their rainwater harvesting sand dam and the newly formed group wish to raise funds to help finance this project.

Watch how sand dams work here: 

And click here to read about how solar power systems are helping vulnerable people in Kenya to access clean water.

This solar powered system will ensure more water is readily available, not only for the Kandu Kaseveni community, but schools, healthcare facilities, and other communities in the area, in turn significantly reducing walking and waiting times for water. Kandu Kaseveni community members supported by this will also be able to boost their income security through water sales, which they can re-invest in their farming and school fees for their children.

Target Funding:

Our target is to raise £10,000 that will go towards the cost of installing the solar powered system, including the materials, tools and guidance to construct the system.

The relay we will be holding will take place at Queens Valley Reservoir in Jersey on 3rd March 2024 between 10:00 and 4:00pm with the kind permission of Jersey Water.

The relay will consist of two teams that will be divided into pairs, each carrying by hand 2 X 5 litre containers of water drawn from the dam. The relay will be continuous for 6 hours around the dam's encircling path; a path so well used and loved by the many walkers and runners who go there every day.

We hope to encourage individuals, businesses, corporate and private sponsors to support us all and make a donation here:

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Declaration and Request:

If we claim to belong to a caring community, then addressing the position of people in poverty wherever they may live, our response must come as much from our hearts as from our collective wealth. We earnestly encourage you to give generously so we can help as many people as possible so they can have access to what we all have so very easily within our own homes - a potable clean water supply.