Changes in climate patterns have the most acute effect on people living in the world’s driest areas – like Patrick and his community.

When the Munyuni self-help-group approached our partners, Africa Sand Dam Foundation (ASDF), they were suffering from severe water and food insecurity. Like most other farmers in the region, the group had been practicing rain-fed farming for generations and didn’t have the tools or know-how to deal with the new reality of increasingly unpredictable weather patterns.

But it’s not impossible to successfully produce food in these conditions, even at a surplus, if the right methods are used. The group is now being supported by ASDF, building sand dams and learning new ways of doing things - they are starting to teach other communities too.

By practicing ‘climate-smart’ agriculture, farmers like Patrick don’t only adapt, but also make a real contribution to mitigating climate change by rehabilitating land that was previously degraded.

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