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Please give what you can (you can use the link here, below or pink button on the right). Here is a reminder of how your money could be spent:

  • £25 could provide a community with 4 bags of cement for their sand dam
  • £30 could provide a dryland farmer with drought-tolerant seeds, to grow a reliable source of fresh food for their children
  • £40 could supply a community with a wheelbarrow, used to move heavy materials on the dam site
  • £60 could provide a community with a roll of barbed wire, to reinforce and strengthen their sand dam during construction
  • £100 could provide 500 seedlings and a spray pump, to protect the tree nursery from decimation by insects
  • £120 could provide a community with a wheelbarrow and 10 bags of cement, to help them construct their sand dam
  • £214 could provide a set of 25 metal shovels needed to mix cement.

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Thank you. Your gift will go towards helping more people access clean water and food with sand dams and climate-smart agriculture!

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