Published in July 2023

On Friday 30th June, all pupils and staff from The Cavendish School in Camden took part in a sponsored walk to raise money for Sand Dams Worldwide. The School Council (a group of children made up of a form captain from each class) chose the charity at the beginning of January and the pupils have been working hard to plan the event by raising awareness of sand dams. The children also mapped out different routes for pupils of different ages, created posters to alert every one of the walk (see photo) and made sponsorship forms to take home and collect donations.

There was a great buzz and rush of excitement in the run up to the walk, as donations were coming in thick and fast from family members.

When the whole school community returned to school after their walk, the staff heard the words "imagine if we had to do that every day to find water! That would be hard!", "It was hard but so worth it if we raised a lot of money", as well as the expected "I'm tired!"

It was then time to count donations and in total, the school raised a total of £4710.

The girls from The Cavendish School have stated that they really hope that this money can help and make a real difference to a community.

Words provided by The Cavendish School

Update: September 2023

Since the sponsored walk, Friends of Cavendish in Camden (the charity/Parent's Association working in collaboration with The Cavendish School) have raised a further £1,630 in support of Sand Dams Worldwide, who would like to thank all at Friends at Cavendish in Camden and The Cavendish School for their generosity!

Please donate what you can and help women and girls to shape their own futures with sand dams

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