Published in June 2013

Tim Woodcock made it! One marathon was simply not enough. Instead, he took on the grueling marathon des sables (156 miles/251km in 50C/122F of Sahara heat) - finishing in the top 550 of 1200 competitors. On the way he raised £11,000 for Sand Dams Worldwide. What a fantastic achievement. 

Returning home to UK soil, we asked Tim what it felt like after completing such a demanding feat.

Tim said: 

"My main feeling was relief. The ‘long day’ (57 miles in one day) was really difficult as it was so hot (54C/129F) which made it very difficult and there was a definite feeling around camp that once that was over we'd done it, with 'just' the marathon on the final day. As it turns out that day was really hot too and it was the only day where I didn't feel like I had enough water so you had to be really careful to look after yourself right to the end."

We would like to say a huge thank you to Tim, for taking on such a challenge and for his admirable fundraising. The money raised supported people living in drylands to transform their lives through sand dams, which provide a year-round supply of clean water that lasts a lifetime.

We would also like to give our thanks to everyone who made a donation and supported Tim on this venture. The encouragement and goodwill behind Tim was invaluable – both as personal support and in boosting the fundraising total.

Tim added: "The support I received from everyone both before the race and while I was there was phenomenal and really helped me keep going when things got, so thanks very much for your support."

Thank you again Tim.

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