Sand Dams Worldwide organises annual sand dam expeditions that welcomes volunteers of all ages and abilities to visit a community in southeast Kenya and build a sand dam alongside them. Former sand dam expeditioners have called it a "life-changing experience". For more information including how to apply for the next expedition, visit our expeditions page.

Aside from this, as Sand Dams Worldwide has a strict Safeguarding Policy that seeks to protect and prevent harm to our beneficiaries (who often live in very private, remote and/or vulnerable areas), out of respect for the communities, we do not send volunteers to projects, nor can we provide the exact locations of where the communities live - and we do not encourage self-funded trips to our projects either.

If you would like to see examples of our work, and hear from the communities, we do have many stories showing how sand dams and access to clean water has transformed lives around the world.