Here is a list of Rotary reports, outlining our achievements (made possible with help from Rotary) supporting dryland communities to build sand dams and secure lifelong access to water and food:

Rotary Sand Dam Report 2014

Rotary Sand Dam Report 2015

Rotary Report – Tassia A, Lekurruki Conservancy, northern Kenya

Rotary Report – Tassia C, Lekurruki Conservancy, northern Kenya 

Rotary Sand Dam Report 2015/16

Rotary Sand Dam Report 2016/17

Rotary Report – Kirjan Bhoja – India

Global Grant 2 Report

Global Grant 4 Report

Big Give Christmas Challenge 2016 - Pledger Report

Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017 - Pledger Report

Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017 Progress Report (for Chertsey Rotary Club)

Rotary Sand Dam Report - Doca, Mozambique

"On behalf of the communities Rotary has enabled to constructs and dams – tens of thousands of people now with safe access to water – we’d like to thank Rotarians for your ongoing support, and we look forward to transforming more lives together."

David Jordan OBE, Chairman of Excellent Development.

For more information on our work together, download our Rotary and Excellent Development brochure

If you are a Rotarian or Rotary club and would like to support, please contact: [email protected]