About the region

The Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA) comprises of Tsavo East (TENP), Tsavo West (TWNP) and Chyulu Hills National Parks in SE Kenya. Tsavo is a critical area for wildlife populations, including home to Kenya’s largest single population of elephant. It is also home to the unique iconic “Big Tuskers” as well as to many other “high value” species including 18% of Kenya’s Black Rhino, along with Hirola, Grevy’s Zebra, Wild Dog and much more.

The region is vast and arid, with persistent limited availability of water for wildlife, which is worsened with the existing threats of climate change, habitat and vegetation loss; all of which threaten this fragile ecosystem, and the wildlife which depend upon it.

About our partner

Tsavo Trust, founded in 2012, is a Kenyan not-for-profit conservation organization working as a trusted partner of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). Tsavo Trust provides core support to secure wildlife, habitat and key communities in Kenya’s vast Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA) in southern Kenya.

How we're working together

Together with Tsavo Trust, and our strategic partner, ASDF we plan to construct 25 sand dams over the next 5 years in Tsavo National Park (both East and West). The park is an important area for a range of wildlife, including Elephant and Black Rhino. Areas within the park that are known to be particularly important for these species will be prioritised during the sand dam site selection process.

The objectives of the sand dam programme are to both provide year round water for the wildlife living in the park, as well as restore degraded and fragile land through enabling vegetation re-growth.