Rotary is a worldwide network of inspired men and women who volunteer their time and talents to support their local communities and communities around the world.

Dedicated Rotarians (from over 200 Rotary clubs in Great Britain and Ireland, as well as clubs from Europe and Kenya) and Sand Dams Worldwide are very proud to work together to promote peace, prevent disease, provide access to clean water and sanitation, enhance maternal and child health, improve basic education and literacy, and develop communities.

Many Rotary clubs are particularly committed to helping thousands of people in drylands transform their lives through local, reliable and cost-effective water supplies, such as sand dams. Click here to find out more about how Sand Dams Worldwide and Rotary are working together.

The Rotary Club of Buxton are the latest to support sand dam technology, pulling together to invest £2,100 towards a new sand dam project in southeast Kenya; this generous donation will cover the costs of a water pump and shallow well, as well as the tools and cement needed to build the sand dam.

Here, Kenyan farmer Agnes Mwangangi of the Twone Mbee Wasya wa Mavalani self-help group, who are mid-way through the construction of one of their own sand dams, explains the various benefits that will soon come following the completion of their dam:

"We are so willing to work together so that we may get water nearby. This will enable us, especially the women, to have kitchen gardens; so that when we are feeding our children, they will get a balanced diet. We will be planting trees, vegetables (selling them along this riverbank), we will be able to do many things through using this water that will benefit us. We will have water all over this area. The locality will change and the area will be evergreen. We will not be walking for long hours to fetch water. For me I will be just have to walk 500m and having that saved time fetching water means that I will be able to spend more hours working and with my family."

Please donate and support vulnerable dryland communities to reduce global health threats with sand dams and access to clean water

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