The Rotary Club of Rochdale has been supporting Sand Dams Worldwide for many years. Inspired by the far-reaching impacts of sand dams, the Club decided to provide funding of £5,500 towards a sand dam for the Wikwatyo wa Kiambani self-help group in November 2013. It offers a life-changing opportunity to the rural community in southeast Kenya, where recurring droughts are causing severe water and food shortages.

Wikwatyo wa Kiambani group with their vegetable plots

The Wikwatyo wa Kiambani self-help group's vegetable plot.

The sand dam is the group's fifth and part of wider programme to improve water and food security in the local area. The dam is providing community members with an additional reliable source of water, saving time which was previously spent on collecting water from far away. It is also reducing stress on water resources in the wider area.

With the increased water and time available, the members of Wikwatyo wa Kiambani’s are able to expand their farming activities. They have established a tree nursery, are growing a greater variety of vegetables, and are managing a demo plot to try out new climate-smart farming techniques, as well as building up a seed bank.

Mwanthi Nuvi, the chairman of the group says: “The water that was trapped in the sand dams has been of great benefit because we now have vegetables and seedlings in our nursery.”

We are extremely proud of our partnership with Rotary, and this latest project with the Rotary Club of Rochdale illustrates the great support we have received from Rotarians over the years.

Support from the club has been hugely beneficial in ensuring water security and agricultural development for the Wikwatyo wa Kiambani self-help group, as well as increasing water availability for surrounding communities. It is an investment that will last for generations.

To find out more about how Rotary and Sand Dams Worldwide are working together, please click here

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