Published in February 2023

Sometimes the enormity of the global challenges facing us can be daunting. ‘What can I possibly do to make a difference?’ is the question I have been asked by those who are concerned about the future. It’s a question I ask myself.

We are faced with so many big problems, with concern and growing worries about the global environment and climate change.

I’m a pretty practical person so, when asked by others what they can do to help those living with the increasing threat of climate change and without a reliable supply of clean water - my reply is: ‘quite a lot’.

There are our annual expeditions where your hard graft can help a community in Kenya to build a functioning sand dam. The experience is life changing. If you come on one of our expeditions, you will see for yourself the plight of those who depend most upon the natural environment, but suffer some of the worst effects of prolonged drought and a changing global climate. But you will also come away knowing that you have worked alongside others to transform their own lives.

The appeals we run show how even small contributions can help. Donating the money for drought-resistant seeds could kick start a garden where crops can be grown to support the local community. A little more will pay for a wheelbarrow or a shovel; these are the essential tools communities need to construct a sand dam in their local area. 

"Once a sand dam is up and running, and access to clean water is achieved, it can help a community to restore degraded land, rebuild their own livelihoods and regreen local environments."

And, if you are a UK tax payer, the Gift Aid option means that even the Inland Revenue is helping to make a difference.

Then there are the partnerships we are developing which support our work in arid parts of the world. For example, if you book a holiday with Charitable Travel, you can ask them to donate to our work and help raise funds for more sand dams. Or you can gift your friends and family a donation to Sand Dams Worldwide, helping to spread the word about the important work we are doing.

Together these acts of kindness are helping families thrive despite the global challenges they face. Believe me, every little really does help.

Want to make a donation towards a sand dam project and have it doubled for free!? Click here to find out more about our Big Give Green Match Fund campaign