Published in October 2022

A few years ago, as concern about the environment and land degradation was gathering pace, the phrase ‘Think global, act local’ was used as a clarion call for people across the world to conserve and improve their local environment. The philosophy was lots of small changes would help improve the environment at both a local and global level, and that notion is as relevant and important as ever.

Over the last month, I have seen how the work of Sand Dams Worldwide at a local level is delivering big returns. In September, I joined a group of enthusiastic volunteers as we travelled to southeast Kenya to help construct a sand dam with the Muthini Upendo self-help group. Our focus was to help construct a sand dam that will, over time, provide a dependable water supply for the community. As always on our expeditions it was inspiring, but also humbling, to see the drive and commitment of the local community to improve their own lives, livelihoods, and land. It really was local action at work.

"Sand Dams Worldwide’s 2021/22 annual report (click HERE to read) demonstrates how many local projects, like the one I was part of in September, are being successfully delivered across parts of Africa and yielding big returns."

In southeast Kenya for example, the 48 dams we supported in 2021/22 will provide over 22,000 people with safe water. In Ethiopia, despite the ongoing complexities of the pandemic we hit our target of supporting the construction of two sand dams which will provide over 2,000 people with water and the chance to grow their own food locally. Our partnership work in Zimbabwe and Malawi now means that nearly 6,000 people will have a dependable water supply.

And an exciting development last year (running through to this year) is the extension of our work in Tanzania and Mozambique, with new sand dam projects currently in motion. Scaling up our work is a strong theme in our revised strategy which you can also read about in our annual report.

With your help we will enable more sand dams in dryland areas; a new network of local projects that will deliver big returns for people and the environment.

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