A lack of clean water can impact nearly all areas of school life. In Maongoa Primary School in Kenya, we see how school life can be transformed with access to clean water.

Maongoa students using water tank

Maongoa Primary School is based in Waita division in Kitui County. The area is faced with perennial water scarcity, prompting the school to seek its own means of obtaining water in a bid to meet the needs of its students. For some time, students were required to source their own water and had to carry 20-litre jerry cans to school. The impacts of this trend led to poor academic performance, increases in school dropouts, sicknesses and financial strain. To address this issue, Kasa Moko Thonoa self-help group (SHG) members constructed a 104,000-litre water tank at the school. The tank, funded by the States of Guernsey Overseas Aid & Development Commission, has now been in use for close to a year following its completion in April 2018.

The presence of the water tank has been hugely beneficial to wellbeing at the school, with the students’ academic performance showing immense improvement. The relationship between parents and the school’s administration has also shown positive change due to the availability of water.

The deputy head teacher, Mr. Lawrence Mwanza, articulated his appreciation for the construction of the tank, stating how school life has changed for both he and the students:

Lawrence Mwanza - Maongoa Deputy Head Teacher

“There has been a consistent supply of water throughout the year. The school has been receiving surplus amounts of water from the water tank, thus enabling all the needs to be met effectively.”

Lawrence Mwanza, Deputy Head teacher at Maongoa Primary School.

The students have also expressed their gratitude for the construction of the tank in their school and for how it has affected their education:

Agnes Munyoki - Class 7 Student

“We have plenty of drinking water at lunch time and we are not expected to carry water to school. Life has become easier and bearable. I have had more time to study which has been reflected in the improvement of my performance.”

Agnes Munyoki, Class 7 Student at Maongoa Primary School.

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