Clean water is essential to improve sanitation levels in water-deprived areas. Looking at the case of Muunguu Secondary School, we see the positive effects a water tank has had on health and well-being in their community.

Muunguu Secondary School is located in Waita ward, Mwingi Central sub-county in Kitui County. The school is currently enjoying a surplus supply of water that has been harvested by their water tank over the past year. Since its completion in March 2018, with funding from the States of Guernsey Overseas Aid & Development Commission, a marked improvement has been observed in cleanliness and hygiene levels at the school.

The principal of the school, Paul Mwangi, attributes these improvements to the increased water supply and training provided by our partners in southeast Kenya, Africa Sand Dam Foundation (ASDF): “We have had a constant supply of water since the construction of the school water tank. There have been lots of improvements marked in the school; cleanliness being the foremost” He continues by stating: “Since the WASH (Water and Sanitation for Health) training was conducted in the school, the students have been observed to wash their hands regularly.”

The students of Muunguu Secondary School expressed their gratitude towards the existence of the school water tank at their school, saying they have experienced enormous change since they started using the tank.

Monica Kasembi, a student of the school, explains that “Initially, typhoid and diarrhoea cases were very rampant due to drinking water directly from the river.” She goes on to speak of the impact the water tank has had on this issue, stating that: “there are less diseases because we drink clean water and the source of water is certain.”

Monica Kasembi - Student of Muunguu Secondary School

"Cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation has improved over time due to constant sufficient supply of water in the school." 

Monica Kasembi, Student of Muunguu Secondary School. 

Another student of the school, Peter Kimanzi, speaks of the impact the tank has had on parents in the school community, who often struggle with the financial burden of providing water:

“The greatest difference I have experienced is the slash of the fee we paid for water. We used to pay 3000 Kenyan shillings per term and not all parents could raise the amount on time. It would be frustrating to be kicked out of class to go get the money as some of our parents are not financially capable. After the construction of the tank, we can now study in peace as there is sufficient water in school."

Peter Kimanzi, Student of Muunguu Secondary School.

The school was delighted by the impact of the water tank and they remain thankful to the States of Guernsey Overseas Aid & Development Commission, Africa Sand Dam Foundation and Excellent Development for their continuous support.

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