Published in December 2017

In this year's Big Give Christmas Challenge, supporters helped to raise an amazing £81,431 to support three rural communities in southeast Kenya to build sand dams, providing a clean supply of water, much closer to home.

It's the most Sand Dams Worldwide have ever raised in a Big Give Christmas Appeal, so on behalf of the dryland communities we support, we'd like to say a big thank you for to all supporters and donors for their generosity. We are incredibly grateful for the enabling of three more communities to get clean water, much closer to home.

For communities like the Wendo wa Makoti self-help group, water changes everything, as Chairlady Rebecca Syumbua explains:

"When we completed the sand dam, we retreated back to our homes. It was just two days until the rains came. One day, overnight, it rained and we called each other from all the villages and we converged here. We were very very happy to see water here. Now we can use the time that we used to spend collecting water, to work on our farms."

We hope that this demonstrates the tremendous impact that donations will have on these communities in southeast Kenya. And we look forward to sharing the impact and stories from the communities, stories such as these.

Please stay tuned and stay in touch!

Could you donate today and supply more communities with the tools, hardware, support and guidance they need to build a sand dam, providing themselves with a lifelong supply of water?

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