In September 2013, the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) accredited Sand Dams Worldwide (formerly Excellent Development) as a Civil Society Organisation (CSO). Our charity was accredited for our work combating desertification - one of the world's most critical environmental challenges.UNCCD

As a UNCCD CSO, Sand Dams Worldwide will play a key role at major UN conferences, providing a valuable link between dryland smallholder farmers and the convention. The UNCCD says: “They (CSOs) are indispensable partners for UN efforts at the country level, and they are consulted on UN policy and programme matters.”

"I like very much, not only the approach of sand dams, but I like the passion behind, I like the people behind. I really wish that we could do more in taking that technology, that approach, that understanding, among others."

Luc Gnacadja, Executive Secretary, UNCCD (2007-2013).

As a CSO, Sand Dams Worldwide is promoting the value of sand dams as one of the range of solutions that can significantly contribute to sustainable land management in drylands. Our former Executive Director Simon Maddrell said:

"There is no silver bullet solution (to desertification). Even technologies that work in one situation cannot be copied and pasted from one place to another. They must be applied to a specific context. The reason we promote sand dams is because they are massively under-utilised and have the potential to transform millions of people's lives in drylands."

How sand dams can reverse desertification

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