A big thank you to all who tuned in to and donated to our 2019 BBC Radio 4 Appeal. Supporters have so far helped us raise over £25,000!

The appeal is now closed, but if you would still like to support sand dam technology and help people living in drylands to gain lifelong access to water, please continue reading...Sarah Parker

About our BBC Radio 4 Appeal

Our presenter was Sarah Parker (pictured right on a sand dam site and below), one of our amazing and passionate Sand Dams Worldwide supporters and 2018 sand dam expedition volunteers.

For the appeal (which you can listen again to here), she spoke of her first-hand experience in southeast Kenya, where she helped a community to build their first sand dam, the power of sand dams, and how they're changing the lives of so many people in drylands such as Josephine Mueni Kingangi (top photo), a farmer and mother from Kyamuisu self-help group who (before a nearby sand dam was built) used to spend up to 5 hours a day walking to collect dirty water. Now, Josephine has clean water just minutes away from her home and farm, enabling her develop a flourishing farm with nutritious crops for her and her family.

Sarah Parker, Excellent DevelopmentDonations from this appeal will go towards further sand dam and climate-smart agriculture projects in Africa, providing thousands of people living in drylands with lifelong access to clean water.

Can I still donate?

If you missed the appeal, which closed on Sunday March 3rd at 7:54am, you can still donate towards sand dam projects in drylands here. Your donation will go towards supporting farmers like Josephine to build sand dams, providing them with lifelong access to clean water close to home.

Like to know more about Sarah?

You can connect with her on LinkedIn, or listen here as Sarah explains why she is a Sand Dams Worldwide supporter:

To see how sand dams work, watch our animation here: