Sand Dams Worldwide’s partner in the Northern Rangelands of Kenya, the Lekurruki Conservancy Trust (LCT), have a new Board and Conservancy Manager. Sand Dams Worldwide representatives travelled to Lekurruki to meet the new team and establish the programme moving forward.

The Board now has at least one Moran (young Masaai warrior), elder, and woman representative from each of the three areas in Lekurruki, namely Naimaralal, Nandungoro, and Sieku. This is a new approach to the structure of the board with a mind to ensure equal representation and strengthening of governance.

This new governance structure has come as a result to aid recent challenges faced in Lekurruki. Significant drought in the region has focused attentions on the increasingly critical humanitarian situation, which is seriously affecting the region’s security as pastoralists come into conflict over increasingly scarce resources, particularly pasture and water. This is the reason equal representation on the board is so imperative.

Recently the situation has improved and the projects are in place to continue. The new Board and Conservancy Manager are very supportive of the Sand Dam programme in Lekurruki, and are committed to giving the LCT management team and Sand Dams Worldwide their full support. The entire board were very positive about the programme to date and the benefits it is bringing to communities, including the evident water security and boost to the local economy.

An agreement between Sand Dams Worldwide and the Board is in place for the next year of this programme, which will include a number of new sand dams, and facilitating the expansion of this programme into new conservancies in the Northern Rangelands.

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