Sand Dams Worldwide are excited to announce that ViDrate have selected our charity as their new and first official charity partner!

About Vidrate

Vidrate is the UK’s first naturally formulated enhanced hydration powder, made from all natural ingredients and with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. The ViDrate team are passionate about healthy living and a healthy environment, creating products to help people drink more water, and offering customers a smarter and healthier choice of hydration.

"This is ViDrate's first charity partnership and we feel Sand Dams Worldwide [formerly Excellent Development] and ViDrate's values align perfectly. Our mission is to help people drink more water and improve the environment and sustainability, whilst Sand Dams Worldwide want to help provide cleaner water to transform people's lives through water and soil conservation in drylands."

Nick Hird, Co-founder of ViDrate.
“Sand Dams Worldwide are thrilled to be chosen as ViDrate’s first charitable partner. We share similar values and objectives, believing that positive change can start with water, and hope that together, we can support more dryland communities to build sand dams, access clean water, and transform their own lives and local environment.”

Dwain Lucktung, Communications Manager for Sand Dams Worldwide.

What is the goal?

ViDrate want to help raise enough funds to help build a sand dam for a rural community in Africa. To support Sand Dams Worldwide, they have set up a Charity Collection here, where 15% of proceeds will be donated to help ensure everyone has the chance to have clean drinking water. 'Tips' can also be made at checkout to further donate if you so wish.

About Sand Dams Worldwide’s work

We work with local partners to support rural dryland communities to build rainwater harvesting sand dams, which provide clean water for life and the opportunity to develop livelihoods. These sand dam projects, coupled with climate-smart agriculture training, free communities from poverty and enable them to transform their own lives.

A sand dam is a concrete wall built across a sandy riverbed that can capture up to 40 million litres of water, replenishing every rainy season. That water is stored safe from disease and evaporation within the sand. It’s easily extractable via pipework connected to hand-pumps and taps, with one sand dam providing enough year-round water for over 1,000 people. Watch how sand dams work here:

Sand Dams Worldwide believe the widespread application of sand dam technology in drylands, together with sustainable land management initiatives, will make a significant contribution to the alleviation of poverty for dryland communities; whilst supporting millions of the most vulnerable people in the world to build climate resilience and reverse the impacts of climate change and land degradation.

Please donate what you can to support communities devastated by drought with sand dams and climate-smart agriculture

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