Published in August 2022

Sand Dams Worldwide has partnered with Ecosia (a search engine based in Berlin, Germany) to plant 200,000 new trees in southeast Kenya alongside our partners in the region, the Africa Sand Dam Foundation (ASDF).

Ecosia donates 100% of its profits that they make from web users' internet searches to plant trees where they are needed most, collaborating with non-profit organisations focusing on reforestation.

To date, Ecosia has supported the planting of over 156 million trees across over 13,000 planting sites around the world. For more information, visit

Our partnership with them, running from 2022-2026, will support vulnerable dryland communities in southeast Kenya to plant 200,000 trees, including fruit trees (citrus, mango and avocado), timber/firewood trees (oak and umbrella) and medicinal trees (moringa) which will improve the livelihoods and health of community members, as well as support with the regreening and restoration of local, dry arid areas.

Alongside the tree planting, Sand Dams Worldwide and ASDF will be supporting communities to access clean water (which will be used for the irrigation of trees) with sand dams. To see how sand dams work, watch our short film here:

Our current appeal: please donate what you can to help a community in Ethiopia to build a 'Sand Dam for Peace', access clean water and reduce water-related conflict

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