Published in August 2023

Sand Dam Worldwide’s partnership with Ecosia launched in 2022 with the aim of planting 200,000 trees across the Makueni, Machakos and Kitui counties of southeast Kenya by the end of 2023.

Ecosia are a German search engine who donate 100% of their profits towards planting trees where they are needed the most and supporting non-profit organisations focusing on reforestation.

Our partnership with Ecosia involves tree seedlings being supplied to/grown in self-help group (SHG) nurseries which are then distributed to members of the SHG to plant at their homes and in their farms.

"I feel happy. I have managed to plant over 20 citrus trees (and I plan to plant over 100 more) which I hope in future will provide food and income for my family."

Christopher Mutuva, Kandu Kaseveni self-help group member, southeast Kenya.

Alongside our strategic partners in the region, the Africa Sand Dam Foundation (ASDF), we will be monitoring the trees 1 year after planting, 3 years after planting and ultimately 20 years after planting.

Progress so far

In 2022 SDW and ASDF worked with 40 SHGs as part of the Ecosia partnership. 

"I am very happy about this project because the trees will help in reducing food insecurity and poor income in our area. I am also able to plant other trees that will offer cool shade from the hot and dry weather."

Martha Mwanzia, Kithaayoni self-help group member, southeast Kenya.

Between them, and with support from ASDF, over 53,000 seedlings were ready for distribution to SHG members ahead of the planting season. In 2022 farmers planted seedlings from their nurseries into farms including varieties of citrus, cassia, moringa, mango, melia, gravelia, avocado, jacardana and croton trees.”

Next Steps

In 2023 SDW and ASDF are scaling up the project, working with 89 SHGs to produce and manage 170,000 more seedlings in the nurseries.

"I have planted moringa, senna siamea and other trees. I want my children and grand children to see how this tree planting has helped to reduce soil erosion, improve the environment and our health. They will see and reap the benefits of these trees and be able to pass it down to their children."

Ruth Syanda, Muthini Upendo self-help group member, southeast Kenya.

In October-December these SHGs will be distributing the seedings to their members for people to plant at their homes and on their farms.

We look forward to sharing further updates and success stories from Ecosia supported farmers in the future.

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