Hear from the Sand Dams Worldwide volunteers and community members who worked together to build a sand dam in southeast Kenya in July 2018.

The sand dam will go on to provide the community with a local lifelong supply of clean water.

Katie Rockley, 56, from Deepest Dorset

Benedict Parker, 17, student from Winchester

Charlie Penn, 21, from Bristol

Jacinta Kivinya Muema, 41, community member from southeast Kenya

Josephine Mueni, 59, community member from southeast Kenya

Kaelan Melville, 21, from Canada

Laura Porro, 32, from London

Andrew Paterson, 66, from Leeds

Sarah Parker, 47, from Winchester

Sivika Kitui, 41, Chairman of Kyamuisu self-help group from southeast Kenya

David Jordan OBE, Chairman of Sand Dams Worldwide and sand dam expedition leader

If you'd like to find out more or join a sand dam expedition, contact [email protected]

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