In September 2022, Sand Dams Worldwide and a group of volunteers teamed up to support community members from Muthini Upendo self-help group in southeast Kenya to build a sand dam. The sand dam will go on to provide the community with a local, lifelong supply of clean water, transforming lives and land for generations to come.

Hear below their thoughts and highlights, along with community members from the Muthini Upendo self-help group, and staff from our partners in southeast Kenya, the Africa Sand Dam Foundation (ASDF):

Agustin Romo, expedition volunteer

Josephine Syengo, community member 

Andrew Paterson, expedition volunteer

Cornelius Kato, ASDF Field Manager

Lucy Montefiore, expedition volunteer

Antonio Montinaro, expedition volunteer

Ellen Douglas, expedition volunteer

Ian Romo, expedition volunteer

Nikki Field, expedition volunteer

Mick Barnes, expedition volunteer

David Hawkins, expedition volunteer

Rhys Nuttall, expedition volunteer

David Jordan OBE, Sand Dams Worldwide Chairman and expedition leader 

Jeremy Cousins, expedition volunteer

John Seager, expedition volunteer

Sarah Field, Sand Dams Worldwide trustee and expedition leader 

Clemence Wakio, community member 

Steve Daniels, expedition volunteer

If you'd like to find out more or join a sand dam expedition, contact [email protected] 

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