In June 2022, Sand Dams Worldwide and volunteers from Jersey Overseas Aid Community Works Project teamed up to support community members from Kandu Kaseveni self-help group in southeast Kenya to build a sand dam. The sand dam will go on to provide the community with a local, lifelong supply of clean water, transforming lives and land for generations to come.

Hear below their thoughts and highlights, along with community members from the Kandu Kaseveni self-help group, and staff from our partners in southeast Kenya, the Africa Sand Dam Foundation (ASDF):

Angela Lucas, expedition volunteer

Beth Lusby, expedition volunteer

Cornelius Kato, ASDF Field Manager

Mark De Luca, expedition volunteer

Pius Kasimu, ASDF Field Manager

Robbie Wareing-Jones, expedition volunteer

Savannah Walters, expedition volunteer

Stella Maris Kalola, community Chairlady

Stella Maris Muli, community member 

If you'd like to find out more or join a sand dam expedition, contact [email protected] 

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