At Sand Dams Worldwide, we support rural dryland communities who come together to help themselves.

In these films (above and below), hear from Quest Overseas volunteers (an ethical adventure travel specialist) along with members from Nzwii self-help group, who teamed up with Sand Dams Worldwide and our partners, the Africa Sand Dam Foundation, to build a sand dam.

Quest offers gap year students the opportunity to get hands-on experience of sustainable development.

About the community

Before their sand dams were built, the people of Nzwii self-help group in southeast Kenya had been suffering from a chronic water shortage for many years. The little water they did have access to was far too saline for drinking and not sufficient for irrigating their farms. Growing enough food for their families was a constant struggle.

Now their farms are flourishing and they have daily access to clean water.

How can I apply for the next expedition?

That's easy, just email [email protected] and we'll be in touch!